Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Thanks to generous donations of nearly $500,000 and funding from the School District of almost $400,000, the NAA was successful in renovating the North High Activities Complex in 2007. This past project included work on the band/soccer field, running track, football fields, concession stands, landscaping, wells, sprinkler system, roads and parking areas.


Major renovations to this 80 acre complex transformed it into an outstanding community asset. This project was a community development project as much as it was a school project. Many citizens and students of all ages utilize this beautiful facility. Thanks to the generous support of many donors and the Sioux City School District, North High students now can take great pride in their Activities Complex. Students from North Middle and from our grade schools can now see and feel the effects of this campus as they dream about becoming a "North Star". The complex now demonstrates to the entire community that North High School stands for "Quality Education and Activities for all Students." The renovations included the following items:
  • New track
  • Repaired band/soccer field
  • New varsity football practice field with storage building
  • Repair freshman football practice field 
  • New softball concession stand
  • New baseball concession stand
  • New landscaped entrance
  • Landscaped 52 acre complex
  • New signage
  • 2 new wells
  • New sprinkler system for entire complex
  • New asphalt road
  • New parking areas 


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